Temperature logging Series - Vigilog data logger


Human and Animal Heathl, Food Industry.


Size: 76 x 31 x 4.5 mm.

Accuracy: 0.9°F Resolution: 0.1°F

Measurement range:  -22°F / +70°F.

Activation delay: 15 min.

Waterproof level: IP67/NEMA6 Alarm: the LED light flashes RED to advise for wrong temperature.

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Especially designed and manufactured internally for temperature monitoring during distribution and storage of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other perishable products. After recording is over, Vigilog can be directly inserted to computer's USB port, and then it automatically generates a PDF report unless need of any software.

Vigilog can also automatically run the Temp-Tracking software and generate as well as saving a report which contains the complete time and temperature data, including summary data, data graph and data table etc... 

  • Keep button pressed for 5 sec to start recording.
  • Then GREEN light flashes 5 times to confirm.
  • Keep button pressed 1 sec GREEN light confirm correct use.
  • Keep button pressed minimum 5 sec to stop recording.
  • Then the RED light flashes 3 times to confirm.
  • After stopping record, tear off the transparent plastic covetr and connect the logger to a free USB port of the computer.

The PDF report will be automatically generated. Open U disk and check the generated PDF temperature date report. And also you can get the report from PC software.

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